Women Empowerment

The Importance of Women Entrepreneurs in a developing country

Women entrepreneurship has seen a considerable rise over the years in countries like USA and the trend is picking up fast in developing countries as well. However, successful female entrepreneurs are still less across the globe as compared to men. This restricted growth of women entrepreneurship can be attributed to lack of motivation level, success rates, and their individuality related issues. The performance of women entrepreneurial businesses is almost similar in developed and developing countries. The firms owned by women grow quite slowly as women have low growth expectations in comparison to firms owned by men. The main worry of females in developing nations is not growth and prosperity rather it is survival.

Growing Role of Women Entrepreneur in India

The total workforce of women entrepreneurs in India is around over 30 per cent however their presence is comparatively low at less than seven per cent in board-level positions at the Indian companies.India has been ranked 30th in terms of the female directors at the companies’ boards. No doubt more than 30 per cent of team’s strength in Indian Inc is women, but only 15 per cent are senior executive. Industries inIndia are in growing mode, still gender variation is far behind in comparison to world. To gain senior level positions females inIndia need to improve their attitude and state of mind. Women need to think beyond the conventional working areas like sales, HR, business development, marketing, and other revenue generating functions.

India’s trends in women workforce

Despite rapid economic growth, senior level jobs are still not for Indian women.India is consistently the worst performer in terms of the representation of women in the total workforce, junior and middle level positions.India has the lowest national female labour force and the largest leak in the pipeline takes place early on in a woman’s career – from junior to middle level positions. Women in India are still reluctant to take up high profile careers and are concerned about the personal sacrifices they have to make in terms of possibly foregoing having children for their career and are also influenced by the role of their parents in their decision-making.


Women are the key agents of change and success of development. To bring in the desired change in the society women needs to be educated and made aware of their responsibilities as a home-maker and also as a member of the society. The women empowerment program under JBF WO therefore seeks to educate these women in order to be successful in their mission of bringing about a holistic development of the society.  – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam


In my opinion empowerment may mean equal status to women to develop herself. Man should give women opportunity and freedom to develop herself. Man should control the pleasures of senses and not consider women just a sex object. Sensual pleasures have no bounds. – Mahatma Gandhi